Welcome to Gymagic

Gymagic Bus is your child's ticket to success!!

Gymagic Bus provides a facility that can teach anything taught in a gym. The curriculum comes from both the owner Brian Fabish's 41 years teaching experience and more. The curriculum is enhanced by the United States Association of Gymnastics national speaker and advisor Patti Komeric. The staff is very qualified and cares about the child.  

Gymagic Bus is a mobile gym that brings an exciting learning environment to your daycare, pre-school, or kindergarten!

Cheerfully decorated, Gymagic Bus offers an extraordinary way for children to become fit & healthy.

Two major concerns facing our world today are physical education & self-esteem. According to the President’s Council of Physical Fitness & Sport, 50% of all children are lacking the exercise needed to develop a healthy heart & lungs. Millions are inactive & over weight.

Gymagic Bus answers these concerns through positive re-enforcement & creative physical activity. Your child will learn how to succeed through the accomplishment of fun activities! Through the Gymagic Bus program, your child will develop a positive attitude toward overcoming obstacles. Most importantly, your child will acquire a high level of   confidence!

The Gymagic Bus instructors provide the qualities, leadership, people skills, and heart that are needed for the youth of the world to develop into successful adults with proper morals and ethics.